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How Does Grammatikus Work?

  • Step 1: Evaluation
  • Step 2: Progress
  • Step 3: Differentiation

When your students log into Grammatikus for the first time, they sit a levelling test as part of their initiation and placement challenge. During this initial test, your students are presented with a number of questions of varying difficulty that will place them in their appropriate level of achievement. This process is repeated with each new part of speech and allows you, as their teacher, to tailor individual programmes or target homework where it is needed.


Once the level of each of your students has been established, Grammatikus continues to use its algorithm to track their progress and automatically adapts the content accordingly. This means that your students are presented with challenges that are never too easy, nor too challenging to maximise their engagement and learning process.

Your students’ progress and aptitude are tracked and displayed in a Progress Inspector allowing you to identify their strengths and weaknesses. You will see when your students are starting to struggle and which activity they are struggling with. You can then identify trends in your class and target coursework and homework accordingly to either specific groups or individual students.

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Using Grammatikus In Class Or At Home

Grammatikus is uniquely suited to the modern learner.
Schools successfully use the game to complement their literacy programme, or as a homework tool.
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